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A solution that brings new features to your Suunto watch and enhances your experience. Learn more about the latest features and make your voice heard!


Select. Start. Sweat

We have launched SuuntoPlus™ on Suunto 9 and Suunto 5 watches – a section within the watch that holds all the new and exciting features together in one place on your wrist. SuuntoPlus™ is where we’ll be introducing more and more features to help you improve your performance, keep your eyes peeled for more to come.

Starting from September 2021, the SuuntoPlus™ Burner will be available for Suunto 3 watches as well.


The relation between fat and carbs burned by exercising depends on your intensity. The Burner shows the percent of energy burned from fat and the current energy consumption converted into grams of fat and carbohydrates that you consume per hour.

This feature is available for Suunto 3, Suunto 5 and all Suunto 9 watches.


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Virtual Ghost Runner

Catch the virtual ghost runner to practice your pacing or just for fun.


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Red Bull X-Alps

The Red Bull X-Alps SuuntoPlus™ feature is a handy tool to keep track of your vertical speed. It helps the hike and fly community to see, feel and hear how fast they are climbing.

This feature is only available for Suunto 9 Baro and Suunto 9 Peak.


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Follow context-based weather insights and warnings during your outdoor activity. Keep alert with storm alarms, measure water temperature or notice if your hike is going past the sunset.  

This feature is only available for Suunto 9 Baro and Suunto 9 Peak.


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Keep track of your effort while hiking up a mountain, rock climbing, doing hill repeats in your backyard or running up stairs. Climbs can be viewed afterwards in the Suunto app.​


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Quick access to your GPS coordinates and other key information of your current location as well as your starting point. Useful when sharing your location with a friend, when you need to radio for help or navigating back to your car.


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Automatic location-based lap insights help you analyze the stats for each loop. Excellent feature when running on a track or cross-country skiing the same loop. Loops can be viewed afterwards in the Suunto app.


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Running pace ​/ Cycling power

Track sprints automatically while running or cycling to see the number, distance, and time of each interval during your training session. Sprints are identified based on the changes of your running pace or cycling power. Sprints can be viewed afterwards in the Suunto app.


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Wings for Life World Run

Getting ready for the race? The Wings for Life World Run feature simulates the Catcher Car to motivate your daily workouts and help you train for the race.


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Strava Relative Effort right from your wrist

Get specific about how much work goes into your activities with real-time Relative Effort. Whether your activity is slow and steady or short and strenuous, Relative Effort gives you a personalized measurement based on your heart rate zones, so you can adapt your effort on the go. Once you're done, sync your activity to Strava and get more of your workout with Strava Summit: deep dive into performance data, see how much progress you’ve made overall and where you are in your training cycle – whether you’re peaking, maintaining or recovering.


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TrainingPeaks in real time

TrainingPeaks features will help you understand your level of effort and training stress in real time while running or cycling.   

  • TrainingPeaks with Cycling Power: Normalized Power® (NP), Training Stress Score® (TSS) and Intensity Factor® (IF)
  • TrainingPeaks with Running Pace: Intensity Factor® (IF), Running Training Stress Score® (rTSS) and Normalized Graded Pace (NGP) 
  • TrainingPeaks with Heart Rate: Heart Rate Training Stress Score® (hrTSS).


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SuuntoPlus™ needs you!

Share your ideas of the features you would like to have under SuuntoPlus™. A ghost runner to speed up your runs, climb facts for hiking in mountains, breathing exercise for yoga or performance test for cycling? Make your voice heard and stay tuned for more!


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Where to find and what to do?

SuuntoPlus™ can be found from exercise options. As you start your exercise and select the sport mode such as running. When selecting options, you can find SuuntoPlus™. Take the desired feature into use from the SuuntoPlus™. During the exercise you can use the selected SuuntoPlus™ feature and after the session see the immediate result.

Ensure you have the latest software in your watch to get all the latest benefits to your product.

Check the latest updates from software updates page

SuuntoPlus™ compatible products


Suunto 9 Peak

Granite Blue Titanium

Ultra thin, small and tough GPS watch with wrist heart rate and barometer

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Suunto 9 Baro


Ultra-endurance GPS watch with exceptional battery life and barometer​

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Suunto 9


Ultra-endurance GPS watch with exceptional battery life

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Suunto 5 Peak

Cave Green

Lightweight and durable GPS watch with wrist heart rate and great battery

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Suunto 5

Burgundy Copper

Compact GPS sports watch with great battery life

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SuuntoPlus™ is available for selected Suunto watches. New SuuntoPlus™ features will can be added, can be updated and can be even removed. You can check if your Suunto watch is SuuntoPlus™ compatible from Suunto watch specifications.